Friday, November 11, 2016

We Cannot Give Up

The world watched America tear itself apart. They watched as months of campaigning encouraged hatred, violence, racism, antisemitism, and misogyny. We kept our heads down and just waited for the nightmare to end, truly believing that when November 8th arrived the country would condemn this behavior.  We believed that the bigotry and megalomania would end and we could begin healing, moving forward in a united fashion.

We did not expect that this behavior would be condoned.
We did not expect that violence would be endorsed.
We did not expect to be scared.

To anyone who says that this racism and hatred existed all along and nothing has changed, that might be true. These feelings clearly existed and have always been a problem. The difference is the endorsement of violent crimes and hateful speech. Instead of a society that condemns racism, a world leader encourages it. Instead of trying to learn and move forward, we focus on tearing each other apart. Discussions are approached with bulldozers and personal rights are gone.

Instead of trying to heal their behavior, people feel justified in their violent outbursts. They are encouraged to perpetuate divides. They feel they are fulfilling a national mandate handed down by the example of our future “leader”. Those who supported him surge forward with what they see as “righteous” behavior

And those who opposed him and lost have turned to his methods, as they are clearly what worked.

We kept our heads down, we saw these stories and hoped they would pass. We did not expect that the horror our world became would continue. Now is when we speak up and share. Now is when we stop letting this be okay. The system failed us when it endorsed a campaign so full of negativity and violence.

I cannot accept just developing a thicker skin and moving on. No one is perfect: we are all guilty of tasteless jokes and employing stereotypes. We are guilty of perpetuating this culture. However, our past actions and our mistakes do not suddenly make us ineligible to speak out against it. Our personal experiences with discrimination do not discredit others’ experiences or lessen them.

We will learn, we will move forward, and we will do our best to educate people and help them move forward with us. Everyone can make a difference. Every time you say something is not okay, or you question if your own words are appropriate, you are an agent of change. Please listen to these stories, please share your own, and please help us actually make this world great.

The original Twitter moments story I took most of these posts from:
Day 1 in Trump’s America

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